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Our Services

Our clients have demanding careers and active lives, which leaves them little time to manage their investments and taxes on their own. They trust us to oversee their finances so they can concentrate on their other concerns.

Tax & Capital Management 360 offers a comprehensive package of financial planning services designed to address your varying concerns over time that range from tax planning for next year to preparing for retirement. Our staff can provide informed guidance regarding a range of issues.

We believe that financial planning is an active, ongoing process. Your life isn’t static, and your financial plan shouldn’t be either. At Tax & Capital Management 360, we will review and update your financial plan every year (or on an as-needed basis) in order to accommodate changes in your situation. Depending on the circumstances, we may review your entire financial plan, or simply concentrate on making targeted adjustments to specific areas of concern.  As for investment management, we make a commitment to regularly monitor your portfolio.