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Fee- Based Planner

At Tax & Capital Management 360, we strongly believe that fee-based investment management potentially offers the best combination of advice and ongoing management, with the greatest assurance of unbiased, no pressure service.

We are fee-based investment practice. With a fee-based advisor you get personal service, an individualized portfolio, and ongoing management. You pay a set fee for our service, usually a small percentage of your assets being managed. There is also typically a minimum asset value for accounts.

Fee-based investment managers provide customized advice designed to help you meet your financial objectives. You and your advisor have the same goal: to help increase your net worth and achieve your overall investment objectives.

Standard Payments for Services

There are three basic ways you can pay for investment help: by the hour, by a set fee or by commissions.

Specific advisory services such as evaluating your overall financial needs, developing a comprehensive financial plan or developing an asset allocation plan are usually charged as a fee for services between 1- 2% based on a percentage of the assets under management. A commissioned advisor gets paid on a per transaction basis by the companies whose products he or she sells.

For ongoing management, the type of payment arrangement you have is important because of the issue of sales pressure. If an investment advisor is compensated solely by commissions or is affiliated with a firm that offers only it’s own proprietary investments, you’ll want to know the implications of this arrangement and get assurances that this will not influence decisions made for your account.